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BC Electronic Library Network
W.A.C. Bennett Library, Room 7600
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC
phone: 778.782.7003
fax: 778.782.3023
email: office@eln.bc.ca

  ELN Staff   Areas of Responsibility

Please note: All ELN staff members may be contacted concerning any aspect of ELN operations.

For a visual snapshot of which BC ELN staff member is working on which project, please see the BC ELN Initiatives at a Glance page.

  Anita Cocchia
Executive Director
phone: 778.782.7004
cell: 778.839.3496
email: anitac@eln.bc.ca

  • Budget and financial planning
  • Governance
  • Inter-consortial cooperation
  • License negotiations
  • Strategic planning
  • e-HLbc communications and governance
  Korinne Hamakawa
Client Support
phone: 778.782.7003
email: korinnem@eln.bc.ca

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Resource Sharing statistics
  • Troubleshooting outages and other operational problems with the licensed research databases and BC Union databases
  • Updates to mailing lists, web site, and IP addresses
  Jennifer Bancroft
phone: 778.782.7002
cell: 778.938.7541
email: jenniferb@eln.bc.ca

  • BC ELN database trials, renewals, and licensing support
  • e-HLbc database trials, renewals, and licensing support
  • e-HLbc support including communications and membership recruitment
  Leah Hopton
On leave until January 2017
email: leahh@eln.bc.ca

      Sunni Nishimura
    phone: 778.782.6937
    cell: 778.237.6276
    email: sunnin@eln.bc.ca

    • Arca digital repository coordination
    • Resource Sharing including union databases, interlibrary loans
    • OutlLook OnLine Administration Centre coordination
      Leigh Anne Palmer
    phone: 778.782.5440
    cell: 778-237-6297
    email: leighannep@ehlbc.ca

    • BC ELN licensing including negotiation and planning
    • Strategic planning
    • e-HLbc coordination including communications, licensing, governance and strategic planning
    • e-HLbc licensing including negotiation and planning
      Cristen Polley
    phone: 778.782.7001
    email: cristenp@eln.bc.ca

    • Communications
    • Website content migration
      Myfanwy Postgate
    phone: 778-782-3036
    email: olol_support@eln.bc.ca

    • OutLook OnLine Administrative Centre support
    • e-HLbc technical support
      Megan Robertson
    WriteAway Master Tutor
    phone: 778.782.9404
    email: waoffice@eln.bc.ca

    • WriteAway coordination including scheduling, and training
    • WriteAway tutor support
      Brandon Weigel
    phone: 778.782.5419
    email: brandonw@eln.bc.ca

    • Arca digital repository support
    • AskAway service coordination including statistical analysis, scheduling, training, and communication
    • BC ELN database trials, renewals, and licensing support
    • BC ELN technical support, including website migration