BC Electronic Library Network

 BC ELN Progress Report October 1, 2007 - March 31, 2008


Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission and Values 2006-2011 & Strategies, Outcomes / Milestones and Yardsticks of Success (2006 - 2008) available at http://www.eln.bc.ca/view.php?id=1275


Bold Step 1:    Enhancing our Services



Outcomes / Milestones

1.1 Licensing

  • Conducted Annual Resources Forum and Ranking Survey; results to be announced shortly
  • New product:  Canadian Almanac and Infodesk (via Consortia Canada)
  • Renewed 25 products
  • Product licensing information inventory and update completed
  • BC ELN Model License revised to reflect latest trends in evolving field of database licensing
  • EBSCO update Webinars Dec. 13th & 17th
  • BC Stats new pricing policy announced (BC Stats content is free and open access; Stats Canada content is free but comes with licensing restrictions, BC ELN continues to play a role in coordinating access) http://www.eln.bc.ca/view.php?id=1550


1.2 Resource Sharing


  • OutLook OnLine upgraded to AGent Version 3 Dec. 18th
  • CUFTS Free! Open Access Collections Group:  finalized Terms of Reference and Procedures, began Environmental Scan, published 3 title lists in Google Spreadsheet form for free downloading by any library
  • Facilitated BC ELN library participation in free databases:  EBSCO's GreenFILE, Project Euclid
  • 1 in-depth consultation / training sessions on reSearcher products (GODOT, CUFTS, CJDB admin) (16 total to date)
  • Trinity Western University joins the OutLook ILL network via ISO ILL with their Relais ILL management system 
  • released dbWIZ tutorial for students prepared by Richard Baer, Camosun College Library
  • CJDB Tagging Discussion session led by Catherine Winter & Margie Clarke, Camosun College Library
  • Participating in the public library ILS (Sitka) Advisory Committee 


1.3:  Virtual Reference


  • 27 partner libraries contributed approximately 191 staff hours per week for the January to April term
  • Over 6,100 questions answered from September to December; in total almost 16,000 questions answered since Oct 2006 (post-secondary
  • $120,000 one-time funding request received from AVED; will cover costs from 2007 to March 31, 2008
  • First AskAway Advisory Committee Meeting held; participants from 21 participating institutions attended the open meeting
  • AskAway Partner Library survey implemented to gather feedback about how AskAway is working for participating institutions and to give the advisory committee direction around sustainability, scheduling and institutional commitment
  • Implemented a new patron exit survey which allows greater flexibility in the kinds of questions asked; exit survey results are posted on the LibrariansÕ Portal: http://www.eln.bc.ca/askaway/index.php?page=exitstats
  • Published results of December 2007 service provider survey on the LibrariansÕ Portal with coordinator responses: http://www.eln.bc.ca/askaway/index.php?page=spSurveyResults
  • Two online Brown Bag Sessions (QP Statistics for Administrators and an Introduction to the KUC Library Website) recorded and posted to the Portal: http://eln.bc.ca/askaway/?page=recordings
  • BC ELN Staff hired to accommodate heavy demand for evening / weekend service
  • 2 basic/advanced training sessions in the Lower Mainland

1.4 Information Literacy



  • Coordination of Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) funded development of the Academic Resources Toolbox (ART) modules transferred to BC ELN.  Modules 1-4 complete.
  • Web designer (student) hired; working on revisions to existing modules and creating new modules, with content provided by SFU Student Learning Commons staff.
  • Participated in the ALPS LINK (shareable online resources for information literacy) Committee.  57 objects submitted to the LINK repository.  Awards ceremony held at the December ALPS meeting.


Bold Step 2:  Building the BC Library



Outcomes / Milestones

2.1:  Provincial Symposium on BC Library

  • Library 2020 Symposium, October 22, 2007.   BC ELN and Public Library Services Branch co-coordinated a highly successful event bringing together representatives of post-secondary, public, and school libraries, the Ministries of Advanced Education and Education, and other key stakeholders.  Report and Next Steps available at: http://library2020.bclibrary.ca/next-steps
  • Two interim Steering Committee meetings [March 31 chaired by BC ELN] held to develop strategy for moving initiative forward.  Feb. 9 Meeting Summary available at: http://library2020.bclibrary.ca/next-steps
  • Participated in development of draft Library 2020 vision, goals and objectives statement for discussion at stakeholder meetings.
  • Met with BCcampus.  Discussion areas included BCcampus Learner portal, Knowledge BC, funding, etc.


2.2:  Expanded Licensing Strategy



2.2.1 Coordinated Provincial Licensing

  • BC ELN, the Education Resources Acquisitions Centre (ERAC), and BC Public Libraries, submitted a proposal for multi-sectoral database licensing, in response to an invitation from the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ministry of Education
  • BC ELN, ERAC, and BC public library presentation: Working Together:  Coordination of Multi-Sector Library Database Licensing, for Ministry of Advanced Education and Ministry of Education
  • Revised proposal for multi-sectoral database licensing submitted on invitation by the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ministry of Education

2.2.2 e-HLbc Consortium (Electronic Health Library of BC)

  • Created a self-evaluation report (September 2006 - December 2007) addressing the 21 contract deliverables for the e-HLbc Management Team
  • Participated in Steering Committee meeting April 21, 2008
  • Administrative Centre Contract renewed with BC Academic Health Council (BCAHC), April 1, 2008 - March 31, 2009
  • Recruitment for new e-HLbc Coordinator position underway - see http://ehlbc.ca/2008/04/10/e-hlbc-coordinator-position-available/
  • See e-HLbc Progress Report for more detail http://ehlbc.ca/about/documents


2.2.3 Coordinated National Licensing

  • Coordinated national meeting in Vancouver with representatives of Canadian Research Knowledge Network and regional consortia to advance national / regional cooperation on APA licensing
  • Coordinated national meeting of Consortia Canada in Vancouver February 2008
  • BC ELN led licenses during this period included Gale's CPI.Q. Proquest's Canada's Heritage from 1844, and several Lexis Nexis products.
  • BC ELN benefited from offers led by other consortia: Project MUSE, eHRAF, Canadian Almanac.


2.3:  One-Card Strategy


  • BC ELN Steering Committee endorses a BC ELN role in coordinating provincial post-secondary reciprocal borrowing.
  • Developed draft website identifying existing reciprocal borrowing agreements among BC ELN partner libraries.


Bold Step 3:    Developing Digital Collections



Outcomes / Milestones

3.1:  Facilitating the Creation of Digital Collections


  • Launched version 2 of West Beyond the West (WBTW) portal http://westbeyondthewest.ca/
  • Expanded BC content to include collections from Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of British Columbia, Prince George Public Library, and Vancouver Public Library
  • Preparing WBTW / Alouette Canada Digitized Collection submission form and FAQ

3.2:  Provincial Institutional Repository (IR) Strategy


  • BC ELN staff monitor IR developments locally and internationally.  Preliminary discussion with possible partners around a focus for an institutional repository project.


Bold Step 4:    Raising our Profile



Outcomes / Milestones

Targeted communication for different audiences


  • Released BC ELN Connect, CommuniquŽ, September and December 2007, http://www.eln.bc.ca/view.php?id=75
  • Updated BC ELN Brochure - contact BC ELN for copies
  • Added AskAway media quotes to Quotes Database



Bold Step 5:  Strengthening our Infrastructure



Outcomes / Milestones

5.1:  Strengthening our Infrastructure

2006 - 2011 Strategic Plan

  • February 2008 Budget Presentation
  • Attended E-Systems Collaboration Workshop, February 27, 2008, to explore topics on the question What are the challenges, opportunities, ideas and solutions for realizing an integrated, comprehensive, and online BC post-secondary digital library?, arising from Campus 2020 Recommendations 20 and 21.  The Campus 2020 report is available at: http://www.aved.gov.bc.ca/campus2020/
  • Implemented survey software for the BC ELN website
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of BC ELN's locally developed, leading-edge website / content management system
  • Developed modules to replicate core BC ELN website functions and applications in Drupal
  • Prepared the BC ELN website for migration to the Drupal Content Management System
  • Completed staff administration tool for Quotes Database


5.2: Membership Criteria


  • Coordinated BC ELN Partner Library Directors / BC ELN Steering Committee Membership Discussion.  Released Summary of Feedback
  • Developed Draft Interim Pilot Agreement, endorsed by BC ELN Steering Committee December 2007.
  • BC ELN internal operational costing analysis to inform Private Institution Membership Fees.
  • Multiple meetings with Quest University and University Canada West.