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Results of the 2003/04 ELN Ranking Survey

The 2003 Ranking Survey results are now available. In this survey, a delegate from each ELN partner library was asked to identify up to three titles, in ranked preference, considered to be suitable candidates for an ELN consortium license.

As returned in the survey results, the three highest priority titles are:

  1. Serials Solutions

  2. Sport Discus

  3. Amico Image Database

ELN will obtain additional information and where applicable, coordinate trials for the above titles (see next section). Additional titles that may be considered (schedule permitting) include Criminal Justice Abstracts and Criminal Justice Periodical Index.

Discussion and next steps

ELN's proposed actions with respect to the three high-priority titles are described in the table below.

While providing a good snap-shot of preferences among its partner libraries, the survey results present ELN with several issues to clarify, namely which of the specific applications within the (now diversified) Serials Solution line of products is of most interest. Clarification on this will be the first step and will inform other actions to be taken on this product.

The ranking of two criminal databases, Criminal Justice Abstracts (CJA) and Criminal Justice Periodical Index (CJPI), suggests a substantial level of interest in the licensing of a resource in this subject area. Staff time allowing, ELN will determine the feasibility of trialing one of these products, starting with an investigation of which of the two has the greatest ELN partner library support.

title comments, proposed activities and dates

Serials Solution Highest ranking on survey with an aggregate score of 17 (5 high votes).

Serials Solution offers a spectrum of several electronic journal management tools and services, including link resolvers, title lists and MARC records.

  1. obtain more input from libraries as to product preferences within the Serials Solution line (March 2004)

  2. other activities as determined by above

Sport Discus Second highest aggregate ranking on survey (14), with 3 high votes.

Sport Discus is a comprehensive international database of over 500,000 records covering all aspects of sport and fitness.

  1. determine feasibility of joint-licensing opportunities with sister-consortia; COPPUL and The Alberta Library (TAL) have expressed interest in trialing this resource. (April 2004)

  2. obtain pricing and arrange trial, if applicable (May 2004)

Amico Image Database Third highest aggregate ranking on survey (12).

The AMICO Library is a growing collection of digital multimedia documenting of works of art in the collections of AMICO Members. The AMICO Library represents works from ancient to contemporary times.

  1. investigate feasibility of joint-licensing with COPPUL and/or other consortia (May 2004)

Criminal Justice Abstracts and/or Criminal Justice Periodical Index CJA ranked fourth with an aggregate score of 9; CJPI ranked 6th with aggregate score of 6.

CJA's coverage include corrections, courts, crime, criminology, juvenile delinquency, offenders, police, sentencing, and victims. Strong in U.S. literature but not limited to any specific country or language.

CJIP's focus in on practical issues in crime prevention and deterrence, juvenile delinquency, police issues, and courtroom procedures, but also covers highly respected theoretical journals.

  1. seek further input from libraries as to preferences between the two titles (Winter 2004 or Spring 2005, depending on staff availability)

  2. arrange, as determined by above, trials for one or both of the titles (Spring 2005)

Complete information on database trials will be posted to the ELN site and to the ELN Collections List as it comes available.


ELN welcomes feedback and comments from our partner libraries. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact ELN at any time.

Appendix A: Ranked titles, in descending order (highest aggregate scores first)

title Low Med High Aggregate
0 1 5 17.0
SPORT Discus
1 2 3 14.0
AMICO Image Database
0 3 2 12.0
Criminal Justice Abstracts
1 1 2 9.0
Expanded Academic ASAP
2 0 2 8.0
Criminal Justice Periodical Index
1 1 1 6.0
FIS Online
1 1 1 6.0
Readers' Guide Retrospective, 1890-1982
0 0 2 6.0
Music Index
1 2 0 5.0
Auto Repair Reference Center
2 0 1 5.0
Mental Measurements Yearbook
2 1 0 4.0
Gale e-books (reference)
1 0 1 4.0
Safari Tech Books Online
0 2 0 4.0
Financial Post Corporate Reports
1 1 0 3.0
Arctic and Antarctic Regions
1 1 0 3.0
World Bank e-Library
0 0 1 3.0
Proquest nursing journals
0 0 1 3.0
Books 24x7 IT Pro Collection
0 0 1 3.0
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
0 1 0 2.0
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts
0 1 0 2.0
SAGE Social Science Collections: Criminology
0 1 0 2.0
Social Work Abstracts
0 1 0 2.0
Child Abuse, Child Welfare & Adoption
0 1 0 2.0
Alternative Press Index
1 0 0 1.0
Contemporary Women's Issues
1 0 0 1.0
Index to Canadian Legal Literature
1 0 0 1.0
1 0 0 1.0
*Aggregated Score = sum of the points assigned by each partner library according to priority, i.e., a ranking of 3 (most important) was assigned a score of 3 points; a ranking of 1 (lowest priority) was assigned a score of 1 point.