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ELN Progress Report

September 2003 - March 2004

Goal 1. To build on existing projects and create new initiatives that take advantage of opportunities provided by emergent technologies and new resources to foster learner and researcher success.



1.1 Pursue new products and services that meet users' needs

    * trialled and licensed Ebsco's Business Source Elite/Premier databases; and BC Stats publications

    * transferred management of the following Consortia Canada databases from COPPUL: eHRAF Archeology, eHRAF Ethnography, Project MUSE

    * met with representatives from CSA, EBSCO, Micromedia/ProQuest, and others to review new product offerings

1.2 Ensure existing products and services meet users' needs

    * renewed the following databases: ABI/INFORM Complete/Global, Canada's Heritage from 1844, Canadian Almanac and Directory, Canadian Research Index, CBCA Fulltext Education, CINAHL, CPI. Q, E*Subscribe, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Encyclopedia of British Columbia, ERIC, Gale Contemporary Literary Criticism-Select, Gale Literary Database, Gale Literature Resource Center, Health Science Databases, Hoovers, MLA International Bibliography, PsycARTICLES, PsycINFO, QP LegalEze, Sociological Abstracts

    * migrated the following databases to new interfaces: MLA (WebSPIRS to EBSCOhost), CBCA Education (WebSPIRS to ProQuest), CBCA Reference (SLRI to ProQuest)

    * released Database Licensing Framework document, outlining processes for ongoing product selection and evaluation:

    * added instructions for obtaining database usage statistics to ELN website

    * with Public Library Services Branch and BCLA, coordinated database training sessions with throughout the province, for Micromedia ProQuest and the new EBSCO Admin interface

1.3 Expand membership and improve utility of the BC Library Collections Gateway

    * upgraded to AGent Version 2 interface in preparation for implementation of ISO 10160/1061 compliant ILL. New interface adds ability to download cataloguing records and increased range of customizable options. Subsequent upgrade to version 2.1 added interface enhancements and increased functionality

    * submitted list of AGent Version 2 enhancement suggestions, based on comments from partner library staff, as well as requests from the IOL2 survey not yet implemented

    * participated in Auto-Graphics' User Group Conference in Pomona and co-presented session on Z39.50 administration; participated in March teleconference

    * configured CUFTS full text linker for non-COPPUL ELN sites, providing significant improvements to currency, range, and customizability of title lists available for electronic resource linking

1.4 Expand participation in interlibrary loans network

    * completed 3rd phase of ISO beta testing . Entire OutLook system duplicated to create a production-like environment for testing. Connectivity testing completed with SFU, UBC, VPL, NLC, and CISTI. 4th phase of ISO beta testing (library-to-library) currently underway, in collaboration with UBC, SFU, OUC, and Selkirk College

    * identified key partners for initial round of ISO implementation: UBC, SFU, VPL, NLC, CISTI, Open ILL [at appropriate stage of development]

    * co-submitted proposal for CLA panel session Linking Systems: Transforming Resource-Sharing through ISO ILL and other standards

1.5 Develop a collaborative virtual reference pilot project

    * developed model for asynchronous (email) based virtual reference as part of BCcampus Library Services Portal channel phase I, currently in development. Synchronous (chat-based) virtual reference under consideration for phase II (see also objective 2.2)

1.6 Develop mechanisms for demonstrating the value of BC ELN Services

    * published two issues of ELN Connect, the BC ELN communiqué

    * contributed to President's reports to OLA Board

    * reported on ELN activities at meeting of Council of Post-Secondary Library Directors (CPSLD)

1.7 Explore emerging technologies, e.g. Digital repositories, NISO Circulation Implementation protocol

    * added Rich Site Summary (XML) newsfeed to ELN web site “What's New” menu

    * coordinated conference session on Shibboleth for Access 2003 conference (see also Objective 2.4)

    * installed uPortal for local development as part of BCcampus initiative (see also objective 2.2)

    * attended information session on ProQuest/bepress DigitalCommons

Goal 2. To sustain existing and create new relationships with cognate organizations in order to gain efficiencies and economies and deliver improved services, systems, and information resources to British Columbia learners and researchers



2.1 Establish a culturally compatible relationship with a new Host Institution within the following criteria:

  • support for BC ELN Vision and Goals by Host Institution

  • continue financial independence from Host Institution in terms of governance

  • maintain current flow through funding system for BC ELN funding

  • retain independent operational decision-making for BC ELN

  • maintain existing BC ELN staff

  • maintain a Lower Mainland location to facilitate travel and participation

  • continue balanced representation by partner libraries in the governance

    * signed Principles of Transition document, outlining principles to be met by BC ELN, SFU, and AVED in the transfer of ELN to its new Host Institution

    * moved physical and electronic files, computers and other equipment/assets

    * transferred existing ELN staff positions to equivalent classifications under SFUFA and CUPE

    * worked with SFU Library to configure new office space, administrative systems, and network access

    * migrated ELN web site, email accounts, and mailing lists to SFU Academic Computing Services with minimal disruption of service

    * closed ELN's OLA accounts and transferred remaining monies to new ELN SFU accounts

2.2 Develop working relationship with BCcampus initiative

    * met with CPSLD subcommittee and BCcampus development team

    * worked with CPSLD subcommittee to conduct survey on existing library services for distance students across BC

    * prepared and distributed revised concept document for student portal Library Services channel, incorporating CPSLD feedback

    * prepared draft project plan with proposed timelines and costs

    * created and demonstrated Library Services channel prototype, based on project plan

    * drafted use cases for BCcampus developers

    * created project web site:

2.3 Develop cross-sectoral relationships and initiatives

    * participated in E-Health Library Working Group of the BC Academic Health Council (BCAHC); used ELN web module to host and tabulate e-Library Resource survey

    * worked with Public Library Services Branch on cross-sectoral licence for BC Stats database (see also Objective 1.1)

2.4 Co-host Access 2003 conference

    * with SFU, updated and improved Access 2003 web site including enhancements to registration and sponsor pages

    * coordinated speakers for sessions on OpenILL, Linkservers, Shibboleth Authentication Protocol, GIS, Learning Objects/RSS, and Digital Libraries

    * coordinated registration and payment processing

    * worked with hotel to arrange facilities and catering

    * coordinated production of conference program and T-shirts

    * with SFU, coordinated pre-conference Hackfest, which subsequently received favourable press in Library Journal (American Library Association), and is being evaluated as a model for library technical preconferences in the US and elsewhere

2.5 Maintain existing and create new relationships with relevant regional, national, and international consortia

    * released beta version of Consortia Canada web site, hosted by Public Library Services Branch

    * participated in September meeting of western Canadian library consortia (participants included The Alberta Library, BC ELN, Public Library Services Branch, Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries)

    * provided ELN website code to The Alberta Library (TAL) for local implementaton. Collaborative ongoing development of site code currently under discussion

    * attended meeting of the International Coalition of Library Consortia, co-presented at information management session