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Results of the ELN Ranking Survey 2001/02

The results of the Ranking Survey are now available! Thank you for the overwhelming response (29 of our 32 partner libraries participated in the survey). The survey results have given ELN a clear indication of which web-based resources have the highest priority among our partner libraries.

2001/02 ELN Ranking Survey
(Ordered from Highest to Lowest Priority)

Title Aggregated
of votes
Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q) 43 11
Expanded Academic ASAP 29 8
Wilson OmniFile 28 8
MLA International Bibliography (Modern Language Association) 28 10
SocioFile (Sociological Abstracts) 21 6
Canadian Newspaper Source 20 7
Bibliography of Native North Americans 17 4
Wilson Art Full Text 15 5
Biological Abstracts 14 4
SPORT Discus 13 4
PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service) 12 4
Anthropological Literature 10 3
Criminal Justice Abstracts 10 3
Grove Music Online 10 4
Quicklaw 10 4
ARTbibliographies Modern (1974 - ) 9 2
ITPro Collection 9 2
Index to Canadian Legal Literature (ICLL) 9 3
Library Literature 9 3
Alternative Press Index 8 2
Pollution Abstracts 8 2
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts 8 3
Contemporary Women's Issues 8 3
Wilson General Science Full Text 7 2
Wilson Humanities Full Text 7 3
Design and Applied Arts Index 6 2
Wilson Social Sciences Full Text 6 2
FIS Online 6 3
FSTA: Food Science and Technology Abstracts 5 1
Granger's World of Poetry Online 5 2
CAB International Abstracts 4 2
EconLit 4 2
Book Review Digest 4 3
Criminal Justice Periodical Index 4 3
CCOHS Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Databases 3 1
Social Work Abstracts 3 1
Ulrich's Periodical Index 3 1
Compustat PC Plus 2 1
Family Studies and Society Studies Worldwide 2 1
Women's Resources International 2 1
Title Source 2 2
Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science) 1 1
Science Citation Index (Web of Science) 1 1
  • Aggregated score = sum of the points assigned by each partner library according to priority (i.e., a ranking of # 1 (highest priority) was assigned a score of 5 points; a ranking of # 5 (lowest priority) was assigned a score of 1 point.
Based on the survey results, the 5 databases of highest priority are:
  1. Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q)
  2. Expanded Academic Index ASAP
  3. Wilson OmniFile
  4. MLA International Bibliography
  5. SocioFile

Next Steps

ELN would like to propose the following schedule for database trials for the remainder of the 2001/02 fiscal year:

October 2001

  • Health science full text database: As part of the Ministry special funding project, trials will be arranged for a full text health science database. The proposed subscription start date would be January 2002. Details will be announced in the near future.

  • Canadian Periodical Index (CPI-Q): ELN will propose that Consortia Canada pursue a national site license for this database at a meeting scheduled for October 4th. If accepted, a trial would run from late October through November. If not acceptable to Consortia Canada members, ELN will pursue a license for ELN partner libraries in the same timeframe. The proposed subscription start date would be January 2002.

November 2001

  • MLA: Schedule a trial, in anticipation of a January 2002 subscription start date.

Other Comments

Expanded Academic Index ASAP

Although Gale's Expanded Academic Index ASAP scored in second place, it is not clear if ELN partner libraries view it as a replacement or an addition to EBSCO's Academic Search Elite/Premier database. Of the 1,648 full text titles in Gale's Expanded Academic Index, approximately 650 titles are duplicated in Academic Search Elite. (ASE has a total of 1,530 full text titles). Since there is significant duplication, ELN would propose that the Gale database be evaluated when the Academic Search Elite/Premier license comes up for renewal in July 2002. If ELN partner libraries respond overwhelmingly that this is not acceptable, then ELN will re-schedule the trial earlier. Please let your opinions be known!

Wilson OmniFile

Since a full comparative trial of Wilson OmniFile and EBSCO's Academic Search Elite database was conducted in April 2000, ELN proposes to re-examine the Wilson indexes upon renewal. This will be done in April-May 2002, well ahead of the July 1st renewal date, at which time ELN partner libraries will be offered pricing for upgrading to full text.

Due to the trial of the health sciences full text database planned for October, further investigation of the SocioFile will be postponed until next year, unless timing and workload permits otherwise.
Canadian Newspaper Source
A comparative evaluation and trial will be planned to coincide with the renewal of Canadian Newsdisc, which happens August 2002. It is anticipated that this will be a fairly straightforward analysis for ELN partner libraries since the EBSCO interface is well known. ELN will provide a thorough content analysis of the two databases for comparison.
Consortia Canada Initiatives
In addition to the above-mentioned database trials, ELN will propose to Consortia Canada members, that national site licensing initiatives be undertaken and scheduled for the following databases which have wide appeal to libraries across the country:
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans
  • SPORT Discus
  • Index to Canadian Legal Literature
If acceptable to the members of Consortia Canada, trials would be scheduled in a staggered manner, perhaps over a period of a few years.
Discussion on the Consortia Canada listserv indicates that the next Consortia Canada offer will be for the ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Religion Index with a trial likely scheduled for this Fall.


ELN welcomes feedback and comments from our partner libraries. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact:

Debbie Braun
Project Coordinator
phone: 604-431-3019
toll free: 1-800-663-1663 x3019
fax: 604-431-3381
email: debbieb@ola.bc.ca