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Electronic Library Network

Progress Report: April - September 1999

Goal 1

Provide access to a wide range of databases and services, and foster the development of intuitive electronic interfaces to worldwide information resources

Objective 1.1

Develop streamlined connections to ELN databases and services, using new technologies and protocols



  • redesigned ELN contacts databases (migration from Tango platform) - database provides a searchable list of contact personnel in ELN libraries
  • coordinated work with SFU and ELN libraries to implement enhanced web interface to hosted databases

Objective 1.2

Pursue new database services that meet users’ needs


  • coordinated new fulltext licences for Canadian NewsDisc, CBCA Fulltext Education, and Britannica Online
  • met with representatives of Bell and Howell Information and Learning, Micromedia, Gale Group, ACS and Electric Library Canada to gather information on products of interest to ELN libraries
  • conducted web-based survey of partner libraries to determine new database priorities, and to evaluate impact of current ELN licenses

Objective 1.3

Integrate instructional materials with database services


  • provided training for OutLook OnLine (OLOL) interlibrary loan service for Northern Lights, Fort St. John campus and TechBC
  • organized EBSCOhost training sessions for Victoria and the Lower Mainland
  • revised database documentation on ELN web site, updating links to vendor-supplied documentation

Objective 1.4

Ensure the most appropriate technological platforms, storage and delivery mechanisms for databases and services


  • updated the UnCover Reveal subscriber list prior to licence renewal to ensure accurate costs
  • completed evaluation survey of EBSCOhost databases; results informed negotiations with EBSCO for product renewal
  • completed usage evaluation of the UNIX-Spirs interface, and determined interface could be decommissioned Dec. 31, 1999
  • obtained statements of Y2K readiness from ELN vendors and service providers
  • negotiated increased simultaneous user limit for CINAHL database, and funded server upgrade at UVIC host site
  • coordinated the migration of PsycINFO database to commercial (Micromedia) host, and secured performance and service guarantees
  • completed comparative review of four Wilson Indexes against indexing content in the EBSCO databases. Recommendation to continue licensing both products accepted by ELN libraries

Goal 2

Facilitate resource sharing among institutions to ensure users have timely and effective access to the province's collective information resources

Objective 2.1

Facilitate links to holdings from commercial services and databases



  • 1998 ELN Serials Database holdings linked to the citation databases, for use with OJAC/GODOT.
  • SFU completed its portion of development work to integrate the GODOT Serials Holding/Requesting module with EBSCO fulltext. EBSCO portion of the development underway

Objective 2.2

Integrate user-initiated online ordering features into database services

  • see above

Objective 2.3

Provide leadership in establishing a coordinated provincial resource sharing network


  • participated in the Media Exchange Cooperative’s annual general meeting, consulted libraries on the revised Media Matching Algorithm and the use of the OutLook OnLine (OLOL) interlibrary loan system for media ILL
  • analyzed the OLOL interlibrary loan network evaluation survey results
  • participated in meeting of the Resource Sharing Forum agenda committee
  • provided information to libraries on the use of Library Book Rates for ILL delivery

Objective 2.4

Improve union databases


  • coordinated access to and requesting from the ELN Serials database through the SLRI (web BRS) interface
  • secured agreement from ELN Steering Committee to earmark funding for revisions to the Media database matching algorithm, as recommended by BCCATS (cataloguing librarians) and Media Exchange Cooperative. Revised algorithm will provide a cleaner and more useful database through the elimination of duplicate records within the database. Cost and time quotations requested from A- G Canada; work is expected to proceed after January 2000.
  • provided alternative interface access to the 1998 version of the Serials database (under SLRI )

Goal 3

Provide a mechanism for post-secondary libraries to play a prominent role in educational planning, policy development and program delivery

Objective 3.1

Participate on provincial/national projects and planning groups


  • reviewed Educational Technology Policy Framework draft document (Part I: Environmental Scan) - feedback deferred to Fall 1999
  • participated in meetings of the Post-Secondary Software Licensing Group (C2T2, AEMAC, CILS, ELN, CEISS) to identify and pursue issues of mutual concern. Through this group, organized a meeting of instructional, administrative, library, computer services, and Ministry personnel to share information on authentication issues and approaches

Objective 3.2

Have a presence and impact within the Ministry and at the senior executive level of post-secondary institutions

  • raised profile of ELN accomplishments through 10th anniversary event.
  • held briefing meeting with Ministry representatives, May 1999
  • met with senior administrators and faculty, and raised information access issues during site visits at UNBC, CNC, ECIAD

Objective 3.3

Ensure ELN governance and organizational structures reflect the broad educational community and promote effective communication among stakeholders

  • welcomed Columbia College as an affiliate member of ELN. Columbia will participate in selected fulltext database licenses, thereby reducing costs for other libraries
  • organized and participated in the 1999 BC Library Showcase at the annual BC Libraries conference
  • participated in a workshop on OutLook OnLine and patron initiated interlibrary loan

Goal 4

Promote organizational alliances that are mutually beneficial to users and service providers

Objective 4.1

Extend alliances and partnerships with public, school, health sector, government, non-profit & corporate libraries within B.C.



Objective 4.2

Extend partnerships on an inter-provincial basis


  • organized and participated in the ‘Library Consortia in Canada’ booth at the 1999 Canadian Library Association annual conference

Objective 4.3

Expand national and international alliances


  • participated in and convened Consortia Canada meetings to advance national site licensing efforts
  • worked with other Canadian library consortia to implement a pan-Canadian license to Britannica Online
  • provide information to ELN libraries on CFI-funded Canadian National Site Licensing Project, and position ELN to act as a conduit for bringing additional players onto the project
  • attended sixth meeting of the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) and secured Vancouver as the host site for ICOLC 8, Fall 2000

Goal 5

Generate strong and diverse support for ELN products and services

Objective 5.1

Strengthen accountability and communications framework for ELN owners and clients



  • contributed to ELN members professional development through participation and organization of BCLA Continuing Education workshops
  • conducted site visits to University of Victoria, UNBC, College of New Caledonia, BCIT and Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design
  • reported on ELN initiatives at CPSLD meeting, April/99, and MEC Annual General Meeting, May/99

Objective 5.2

Pursue appropriate business opportunities to export ELN’s services and expertise to other organizations or regions

  • completed contract for Canadian Association of Research Libraries, and delivered proposal, on behalf of 64 universities, for a CFI-funded Canadian National Site Licensing Project. Project was funded in June 1999; five universities in BC will participate in implementation

Objective 5.3

Ensure sufficient financial and human resources to meet current and long range needs


  • supported staff development in the areas of project and financial management
  • recruited and trained one new staff member
  • developed expenditure plan for 1999/2000, on status quo budget from Ministry