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Electronic Library Network

Progress Report: October 1997 - March 1998

Goal 1

Provide access to a wide range of databases and services, and foster the development of intuitive electronic interfaces to worldwide information resources

Objective 1.1

Develop streamlined connections to ELN databases and services, using new technologies and protocols


  • Web access to Wilson databases launched (system developed by Simon Fraser University Library)

  • liased with SIRSI sites and SFU for preliminary testing of BRS Z39.50 interoperability

  • reviewed IP Registration Database and created IP Verification For m for distribution to ELN partner libraries

Objective 1.2

Pursue new database services that meet users' needs

  • fulltext database Product Evaluation Committee formed, and database evaluation criteria developed

  • coordinated trials and library evaluation of three fulltext databases: EBSCO's Academic Search FullTEXT; IAC's Expanded Academic ASAP; UMI's Periodical Abstracts Reseach II Full Text

  • RFPs issued to vendors

  • convened meeting of the Product Evaluation Committee to recommend database to be licensed

Objective 1.3

Integrate instructional materials with database services

  • created GODOT Configuration Guide and distributed to ELN partner libraries to assist in the configuration of individual GODOT profiles

  • updated links on ELN Database Chart to vendor help files, journal coverage information, and simultaneous users limits

  • ELN Web site redesigned to include a "Resource Library" section providing pointers to product & service information

Objective 1.4

Ensure the most appropriate technological platforms, storage and delivery mechanisms for databases and services

  • met with host site system managers to finalize host site support for 1997/98

  • Gopher server at UVic decommissioned; Lynx web client software upgraded and moved to UNIX platform for better functionality and support

  • consulted with UBC on platform change for PsycInfo database, and negotiated new licence with SilverPlatter effective April 1, 1998. New licence includes 14 additional years of backfile coverage (1967+). Database will also have increased functionality on SilverPlatter (links to holdings and GODOT requesting module)

  • attended demonstration of OCLC SiteSearch system (possible system for mounting and searching local databases)

  • discussions underway with UBC and Auto-Graphics for migration of the Serials and Media databases off the UBCLIB platform

Goal 2

Facilitate resource sharing among institutions to ensure users have timely and effective access to the province's collective information resources

Objective 2.1

Facilitate links to holdings from commercial services and databases


  • work completed by SFU and UVic integrating the GODOT Serials Holdings/Requesting module with the CINAHL Web interface

  • ELN UnCover customized web gateway linked to the 1997 Serials database and enhanced to indicate issue holdings as well as ELN library ownership

Objective 2.2

Integrate user-initiated online ordering features into database services

  • negotiated advantageous price and licensed the GODOT software from COPPUL for use by ELN libraries

  • developed documentation and preconfigured ELN libraries in preparation for use of the GODOT system; provided one-on-one support assisting ELN libraries with troubleshooting and setup; provided feedback on system features to the GODOT development team.

  • GODOT implemented for Wilson (BRS) databases and CINAHL (SilverPlatter)

Objective 2.3

Provide leadership in establishing a coordinated provincial resource sharing network

  • preliminary discussions held between Library Services Branch and Ministry of Education, Skills and Training regarding resource sharing issues across the post-secondary and public library sectors

  • attended demonstrations of vendor resource sharing systems (CPS, Ameritech Resource Sharing System)

Objective 2.4

Improve union databases

  • 1997 version of OutLook released under the Auto-Graphics OutLook Online web interface

  • OutLook Online ILL project planned; migration of current FileServer participants and integration of new participants scheduled; service to be implemented April 20, 1998

  • 1997 Media and Serials databases released on ELN Server; 1997 OutLook CD-ROM Catalogue delivered to ELN libraries.

  • preliminary discussions with Auto-Graphics regarding integration of Z39.50 links to university databases for OutLook Online

  • began work on transaction based updating for OutLook Online

  • ISSN Report for 1997 Serials database provided to assist insitutions with missing or incorrect ISSN's

Goal 3

Provide a mechanism for post-secondary libraries to play a prominent role in educational planning, policy development and program delivery

Objective 3.1

Participate on provincial/national projects and planning groups


Objective 3.2

Have a presence and impact within the Ministry and at the senior executive level of post-secondary institutions

  • conducted library advocacy workshop for library directors, February 1998

  • briefed Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology on ELN budget

  • presentation proposal on campus authentication issues accepted for Connections '98: Bridging the Gap (May 10-13, 1998)

Objective 3.3

Ensure ELN governance and organizational structures reflect the broad educational community and promote effective communication among stakeholders

  • Task Group to Review ELN Advisory Committee Role and Membership finalized recommendations to be made to the Advisory Committee in March 1998

Goal 4

Promote organizational alliances that are mutually beneficial to users and service providers

Objective 4.1

Extend alliances and partnerships with public, school, health sector, government, non-profit & corporate libraries within B.C.


  • worked with LSB to develop OutLook Online and OutLook Online ILL services

  • reviewed affiliate ELN membership criteria; discussions with potential new ELN members underway

Objective 4.2

Extend partnerships on an inter-provincial basis

  • negotiations underway for production of the third COPPUL Serials Database

Objective 4.3

Expand national and international alliances

  • completed participation in the National Library of Canada's Virtual Canadian Union Catalogue pilot project

  • participated in International Coalition of Library Consortia (formerly Consortium of Consortia); recent activities included developing and endorsing a statement on preferred practices and principles for licensing electronic content.

Goal 5

Generate strong and diverse support for ELN products and services

Objective 5.1

Strengthen accountability and communications framework for ELN owners and clients


  • planning session held to review ELN strategic plan and establish priorities/outcomes for 1998/99

Objective 5.2

Pursue appropriate business opportunities to export ELN's services and expertise to other organizations or regions

  • gave presentation to delegation of senior academics and administrators from Australia and New Zealand on the ELN as a model for collaborative library service delivery. The visitors, part of a program called International Studies for Senior Academics , visited several organizations in North America to learn how learning institutions handle the management challenges of the information age.

Objective 5.3

Ensure sufficient financial and human resources to meet current and long range needs

  • ELN staff attended workshop on licensing electronic resources, sponsored by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries

  • ELN budget for 1998/99 developed, based on strategic plan and priorities. Budget included request for new development funding, in the form of bridge funding for the fulltext database initiative.